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Sharing our stories is a gift. They are personal, meaningful, moving and shape who we are. Oftentimes we feel alone in our stories and as a result they bring us shame, guilt, regret and further isolate us. 
Through asking questions and sharing our story we connect ourselves to each other cultivating understanding, empathy and relatability. It shifts the isolation feelings to those of inclusivity. 
As a certified life coach, I have spent my career helping others step into their own power and find their voice and purpose. As a fellow griever I have learned humility, compassion which allows me to hold space for others walking this journey. The hundreds of people I have interviewed for my podcast have provided perspective and wisdom from their path. 

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Every story just like every grief journey is unique and personal to us. No two people and no two stories are alike however there are many tendrils of commonality which bond us all together into shared significance. Our stories matter and they help others feel less alone throughout the confusing journey of grief.
If you would like to share a personal struggle or ask a question to have read and answered on the podcast, please fill out the below form. 
This is not a substitution for counseling and for those who are truly struggling to move forward seeking advice from a doctor should always be the first choice. However, if you are looking for some practical day to day wisdom to help you navigate this painful and confusing journey, than fill out the form and Ask Susan! 

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